Primary Assistant Teacher

Brenda Contreras was born in California, and her parents decided to permanently move to Ketchum a few months after she was born. She has three younger siblings, a sister and two brothers. As a child Brenda cared for her younger siblings, making sure they were always happy; spending time with each of them every day. As she grew older she realized she had a nurturing side. She never knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life but she knew she had a connection with children. The first time Brenda heard about Montessori was flipping through the newspaper, she knew it was a long shot but she submitted her resume to a position at the Pioneer Montessori School. When Liza contacted her, and walked her through the school, Brenda knew this is where she belonged. She has been at the Pioneer Montessori School since 2015 and hopes to become a certified teacher and one day have a classroom of her own. She is looking forward to having her future children join this school and start a new generation in her family with Montessori education being the center of their life.