Administrative Assistant

Nikki was born and raised in Hailey. After high school, she attended Whitman College where she majored in Sociology with a minor in Education. Nikki graduated and moved to Orcas Island, WA where she nannied and enjoyed the island life. As the kids she was nannying grew older and no longer needed care, Nikki picked up and moved to Denver, CO for another nanny job. Shortly after moving to Denver, Nikki realized the mountains were where she wanted to be. She moved to Summit County, CO and found a job working at The Sports Authority. Nikki quickly moved into management while at Sports Authority but knew education was where her true passion was. She quit the retail world, vowing to never return, and started working as a preschool teacher. However, before quitting Sports Authority she met and started dating her now husband Sean. Nikki and Sean decided they were ready to see a new mountain town and moved to South Lake Tahoe, CA. They got married in Tahoe and we truly enjoying life together however Nikki had mistakenly left the education world to work admin for a timeshare company. Nikki was unhappy with her career and having trouble finding something new. Thankfully Sean and Nikki traveled back to Idaho to visit Nikki’s parents and while on a hike up Proctor decided it was time to move home! Nikki has enjoyed getting settled in her new position that she believes is the perfect balance of working in education and being around the kids and administration.