Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher

Born and raised in Florida, Sarita had no idea what she was missing out on until she moved to Salt Lake City and got her first taste of mountain life. Immediately sold, she continued her exploration of mountain towns while attending school at Utah State University. During that time, she earned her Bachelors in education with a dual degree in both regular as well as special education, while also managing to meet her future husband. It was a win-win situation. Sarita began her teaching career in 2001 and quickly decided to go back to school to learn more about education. By 2005, she had attained a Masters degree in education from Westminster College. After cutting her chops over nearly a decade in both the public and private school systems in Salt Lake, Sarita moved to Ketchum to make it official with her mountain man in 2010. As luck would have it, a good friend introduced her to the world of Montessori. 2017 marks the seventh year in the Lower Elementary classroom at Pioneer Montessori School. She has two exuberant and curious little boys who have grown to love the mountains as much, if not more than, their parents do.