PrePrimary Program:

(18 months to 3 years of age)

The Pioneer Montessori toddler program allows your child to enjoy a Montessori experience in a small group setting. The children have an opportunity to explore and experiment in an environment that has been carefully prepared to meet the unique needs of this age. All of the furniture is sized to allow for maximum independence and the Montessori materials are stimulating and inviting.

First friendships are formed and social skills developed. Toddlers are in the first “plane” of development and experience what Dr. Montessori described as “sensitive periods.” These are times in the child’s life when s/he shows an almost obsessive interest in a particular activity essential to growth. The acquisition of language is an example of this, and correct and complete language is just one of the skills fostered in our toddler community.

A supportive atmosphere for parents as they watch their toddlers grow into independent three year olds is offered through on-going communication including two formal parent teacher conferences.